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          鮮蜂王漿 10-hda≥1.4%——2.2% 應用場景:營養食品飲品、膳食補充




          Fresh Roya Jelly


          Application: nutritious food & beverage and supplement

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          漿源來自本公司9大標準化養蜂示范基地, 配有完善的加工體系及檢測體系,出品符合國家標準及國際質量標準。日均加工能處理鮮蜂王漿2000Kg,蜂王漿凍干粉600Kg。

          The Royal jelly source comes from the company's nine standardized bee breeding demonstration bases, equipped with a perfect processing system and testing process, and the products meet national standards and international quality standards. The daily average processing capacity is 2000Kg of fresh royal jelly and 600Kg of lyophilized royal jelly powder.

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          The royal jelly and honey of each packaging unit from the bee farm to the factory shall be sampled in each pot to ensure the accuracy of batch testing.The packaging of each raw material unit shall be registered in real name, including the name of bee farmer, product name, collection time, batch number and other relevant information.

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