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          追花逐蜜 以蜂為伴



          “致心一處,執著精進” 。江山健康蜂業創辦至今,兩代傳承,不忘初心,牢記使命。以崇真尚實,勵精圖治,開拓進取的精神醞釀甜蜜,堅持幸?!疤鹈邸钡氖聵I,傳遞蜜蜂精神,共促人與自然和諧共生。

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          Chase flowers for honey, along with bees

          Tracing back from a legend story about the bee keepers couple——Wang Chaomin and his wife in Jiangshan, Zhejiang Province, ‘the hometown of bees’, as a professional beekeeper since the 1960s, they had been accompanied by bees all the year round, living in the open air and chasing cartons of bees around the flowering lands to cultivate growth and harvest joy. Honey is sweet, but it is hard for apiarists to create these sweetness. They had to lighten up their future with hard work and great efforts.

          After nearly three decades of diligence and precipitation, they had accumulated rich technical experience in bee breeding, migration breeding, product processing, etc. The high-quality products had won a high popularity and reputation. In the early 1990s, against the backdrop of the country's efforts to develop agriculture and rural economy and increase production and income for farmers, they made the most important decision in their lives. In September 1995, they established a bee product processing factory - Jiangshan Healthy Food Factory. 

          For two generations, Zhejiang Jiangshan Bee Enterprise had never forgotten its original intention and had been keeping its mission in mind: Brewing sweetness with the spirit of respecting truth and reality, striving for governance, pioneering and enterprising, adhering to the cause of happiness and "sweetness", passing on the spirit of bees, and jointly promoting the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.


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